Join the AAS Press List

The AAS operates an electronic press-release-distribution service. We forward to accredited reporters and appropriate institutional public-information officers (PIOs) press releases and other announcements on astronomy and space science (on average about two-dozen per week) from universities, observatories, government agencies, scientific societies, and journals. We also provide press subscriptions to AAS-published journals, as described below.

The AAS Press List numbers more than 2,000 journalists and PIOs worldwide with astronomy and space science on their beat. The list is not available for rental, nor is it shared with third parties.

To subscribe to the AAS press-release-distribution service, for which there is no charge, please fill out our sign-up form:

Join the AAS Press List

Note that you may elect to receive each email as it is sent or to receive a daily digest of all that day's press releases in one message.

Eligibility for the AAS Press List

Individuals may join the AAS Press List at the discretion of the AAS Press Officer, who will check their credentials. Recipients must supply a clearly personal address, like; we prefer not to mail press releases to generic addresses like We prefer institutional (work) addresses or National Association of Science Writers (NASW) addresses when available but will also accept Hotmail, Gmail, and similar addresses — again, if they’re personal, not generic.

The AAS Press List is actually two lists, with two separate Mailman email lists:

  • Presslist, for staff and freelance journalists (e.g., reporters, editors, producers).
  • Pioslist, for public-information officers and others, as explained below.

Embargoed releases go only to Presslist, whose accredited journalist subscribers have agreed to abide by embargoes. We don’t send embargoed releases to Pioslist until after the embargo expires, as both Science and Nature prohibit the distribution of embargoed material to public-information officers, textbook editors, book publishers, and others — that’s why we maintain two separate lists.

The following are examples of who may subscribe to Presslist:

  • Journalists who are employed by bona fide media organizations;
  • Freelance science writers/editors/producers, including documentary filmmakers, internet science communicators, and content producers for museum or planetarium news services;
  • Journalism professors, students, and interns.

The following are examples of who may subscribe to Pioslist:

  • Public-information officers of recognized scientific societies, educational institutions, government agencies, and ground- or space-based observatories;
  • AAS members and other scientists who communicate with the public but whose primary occupation is scientific research and/or education rather than science journalism;
  • Astronomy book authors, editors, and publishers.

Except as noted above, the following may not subscribe to the AAS Press List: scientists, educators, students, editors of scientific journals, advertising or marketing professionals, and representatives of for-profit corporations, special-interest or advocacy groups, and the management or business side of scientific societies, educational institutions, government agencies, or media organizations. Such individuals can instead follow the AAS Press Office (@AAS_Press) on Twitter, where we tweet the headlines and URLs of press releases and, occasionally, news articles; we also post headlines and links to many press releases in the Astronomy in the News section of our website.

You may unsubscribe from the AAS Press List at any time by replying to that effect to any press release we forward to you.

Press Releases

Press releases are sent in plain-text format without attachments. Most releases include World Wide Web addresses where you can find images, illustrations, animations, and/or other resources. As noted above, we also distribute links to press releases via our Twitter account @AAS_Press and post them to the Astronomy in the News section of our website.

PIOs: See our instructions for sending press releases to the AAS for forwarding to our press list; that page also describes what constitutes appropriate or inappropriate subject matter for the list. Note that you do not have to be on the AAS Press List to send press releases to it, but it's a good idea — if only to remind you to use the list yourself to distribute releases.

Forwarding a press release does not imply endorsement of the contents by the Society.

AAS Journals

Qualified journalists may apply for access to the electronic editions of the Astrophysical Journal (including ApJ Letters and the ApJ Supplement Series) and the Astronomical Journal through the EurekAlert! service of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Complimentary press subscriptions will be granted upon accreditation by the AAAS as a EurekAlert! registered user and subsequent approval by the AAS. This service is not available to freelance science writers who are substantially employed in astronomy or related fields.