16 June 2019

Enter the Royal Society Publishing 2019 Photo Competition

Rick Fienberg, AAS Press Officer

This announcement is posted on behalf of Felicity Davie of Royal Society Publishing:

The Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition celebrates the power of photography in capturing scientific phenomena happening all around us and the role great images play in making science accessible to a wide audience. This competition is split into five categories — including astronomy — and is free to enter but open only to scientists. Deadline: 30 August 2019. Winners will be announced in December 2019.

Three Diamonds in the Sky

The competition (#RSPPhotoComp) is free to enter. The overall winner receives a prize of £1,000 (or currency equivalent), and winners of the individual categories not chosen as the overall winner receive £500 (or currency equivalent) each. These numbers are twice as high as they were in 2018.

The photo above is last year's astronomy category winner and overall competition winner: "Three Diamonds in the Sky" by Petr Horálek. It shows the total solar eclipse of 3 November 2013 as seen from Pakwero, Uganda, from the first "diamond ring" at left — with two diamonds! — through the second one at right. Courtesy Royal Society Publishing.