19 October 2016

The AAS Education Task Force Needs Your Help

Gina Brissenden, American Astronomical Society (AAS)

On Tuesday, 18 October, you might have noticed that you received an email from the AAS asking you to participate in a short survey on behalf of the AAS Education Task Force. If you did, thank you! If you didn’t, I’m reaching out to you today with an additional plea to ask that you please participate in the survey.

Take the Education Task Force Survey

This survey represents an earnest effort by the AAS to get meaningful data on the kinds of education/outreach/mentoring activities, training, and support that members of the astronomical community (not only members of the AAS) are receiving at all levels. The data will be used, totally anonymously, by the AAS Education Task Force — and may lead to invigorated AAS support and funding of education-related activities.

So, please take the time (about 10 minutes) to fill out the survey. Also, take a few minutes to spread the word to your astro-friends and colleagues in your departments and through any other methods you see fit.

AAS members and nonmembers alike are welcome to participate. The survey is only open for about a week, so why not participate now?