30 January 2023

Congratulations to the AAS 243 Chambliss Student Award Winners

Tom Rice

Tom Rice American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Student Katie Kudla presents her poster
Chambliss poster presenters at AAS 243 (New Orleans, Louisiana, January 2024).
Photo by © CorporateEventImages/Todd Buchanan 2024. View all Chambliss photos in this photo gallery.

The latest Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Award poster competition was a success, and we at the AAS are excited to announce the winners of the competition! The following winners presented their posters at our 243rd AAS meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, in January 2024. This year's contestants faced a majorly revised selection process, which I will write up soon in a news post for the AAS community, so please give these students extra congratulations. If you haven't yet had a chance to judge posters for the Chambliss poster competition, please volunteer in the future! Your next opportunity will be at the 244th AAS meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, in June 2024.

A few of the Chambliss winners pose together for a photo at AAS 243
A handful of the Chambliss Student Award winners at the AAS 243 Closing Reception. Photo by © CorporateEventImages/Phil McCarten 2024. View all Closing Reception photos in this photo gallery.

Here are the Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Award winners from AAS 243:

    Undergraduate Student Chambliss Award Winners

    • Alex Rosenthal (University of Virginia)
    • Allyson Sheneman (SUNY New Paltz)
    • Ashley Messier (Smith College)
    • Becky Williams (University of Virginia)
    • Jingyi Zhang (Smith College)
    • Juno Ryan (College of Wooster)
    • Kendra Nguyen (Pomona College)
    • Klara Matuszewska (Amherst Colllege)
    • Maggie Li (Cornell University)
    • Nicolas McMahon (Boston University)
    • Olivia Mostow (University of Virginia)
    • Petra Mengistu (Haverford College)
    • Ronja Olsen (Hofstra University)
    • Sebastian Banaszak (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    • Theodore Chawla (Evergreen Valley College)
    • Tiffany Liou (University of California, San Diego)
    • Uri Rolls (Harvard College)
    • Vighnesh Nagpal (University of California, Berkeley)
    • Vishnu Gade (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

    Graduate Student Chambliss Award Winners

    • Danielle Dickinson (Purdue University)
    • Jiaxuan Li (Princeton University)
    • Maura Shea (Georgia State University)
    • Miguel Montalvo (Princeton University)
    • Ronan Hix (Princeton University)
    • Ryan Butler (Rochester Institute of Technology)

    The following graduate and undergraduate students received an Honorable Mention in the Chambliss student poster competition.

    Honorable mentions for undergraduates and graduate students

    • Andrew Mizener
    • Andrew Saydjari
    • Ansh Gupta
    • Autumn Pearce
    • Deb/Debosmita Pathak
    • Domani Sharkey
    • Emma Galligan
    • Erika Hoffman
    • Gabriel Weible
    • Helen Shao
    • Irene Moskowitz
    • Juliana Karp
    • Kate Futrowsky
    • Katherine Kudla
    • Kaylee de Soto
    • Mahpara Tasnim
    • Margaret Turcotte Seavey
    • Mia Mansfield
    • Qijia Zhou
    • Qiushi Tian
    • Samantha DiRenzo
    • Zoe Rosenberg
    • Zoe Roumeliotis

    Congratulations, all!

    On behalf of our Society and all of the students who entered the AAS 243 Chambliss student poster competition, I would like to thank the AAS Executive Office staff and all of the many, many member volunteer judges. It is all of you who helped to make this very important competition such a big success!

    Photographs from the Chambliss poster presentations at the meeting may be viewed in this photo gallery.

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