23 May 2022

Connect with the AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force at AAS 240

Richard Fienberg

Richard Fienberg American Astronomical Society

With memories of the August 2017 “Great American” eclipse still fresh, two more great solar eclipses are coming to North America. On 14 October 2023 an annular eclipse will be visible from Oregon through Texas to parts of Latin America. Six months later, on 8 April 2024, a total eclipse will cross from Mexico into Texas and continue up to northern New England and the Canadian Maritimes. On both those dates, virtually all of North America will have at least a partial solar eclipse.

North America will soon be treated to two major solar eclipses, when the Sun, Moon, and Earth align. Map courtesy Michael Zeiler, GreatAmericanEclipse.com.

As was true for the 2017 eclipse, communities both inside and outside the paths of the Moon’s shadow will look to astronomers for guidance on what will happen and how to experience the events safely and enjoyably. The AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force is on the case! Attend our lunchtime session at AAS 240 in Pasadena on Wednesday, 15 June 2022, to learn how we can help you, how you can help us, and how by working together we can help your community prepare for the upcoming eclipses.

Among the topics on the agenda:

A table will be set out for the distribution of brochures and other handouts. If you have information to share about your eclipse-related education or outreach project or other efforts, please bring at least 100 copies.