16 May 2022

Chambliss Amateur Achievement and Astronomical Writing Awards

Kevin Marvel

Kevin Marvel American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Thanks to the contributions of long-time member Carlson Chambliss, we have awards for Amateur Achievement and Astronomical Writing. We strongly encourage nominations for these prizes, which consist of a striking medal: silver for Amateur Achievement and gold for Astronomical Writing. The Astronomical Writing Award also carries a monetary prize.

The Astronomical Writing Award is for astronomy writing for an academic audience, specifically textbooks at either the upper-division undergraduate or graduate level. The Amateur Achievement Award is for an achievement in astronomical research that contributes to the advancement of the science of astronomy made by an amateur astronomer — that is, a person not employed in the field of astronomy in a professional capacity — who resides in North America. 

Full details on these and all of our prizes and awards can be found online. The deadline for nominations for all our prizes, which may include self-nominations, is 30 June 2022, so you have plenty of time to complete and submit your nominations.