27 March 2020

AAS Publishing Introduces Video Chats with Journal Authors

Richard Fienberg

Richard Fienberg Running Hare Observatory

Last year AAS Publishing introduced a collection of videos produced by AAS Journals Lead Editor Frank Timmes and posted on the AAS YouTube channel. Frank has been busy: He launched his series with eight videos and has now posted more than six dozen! These cover a wide variety of topics, including advice for authors and referees, explanations of our journals' topical corridors, ethics in scientific publishing, fundamentals of the AAS Publishing business model, and much more.

Now Frank has posted the first in a new AAS Journal Author Series. The 24½-minute inaugural video features a chat with Zach Meisel (Ohio University) about his recent article "Spallation-Altered Accreted Compositions for X-Ray Bursts: Impact on Ignition Conditions and Burst Ashes" (J. S. Randhawa, Z. Meisel et al., 2019 Dec. 13, Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 887, No. 1). Frank and Zach discuss where the community goes from here given what we know at this point — and what we have yet to figure out — about X-ray bursts.

AAS Journal Author Chat Video


The intended audience for these author chats is active researchers. If you're interested in being interviewed about a recent paper you've published in one of the AAS journals, please email Frank Timmes.

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