29 April 2019

AAS Publishing Releases New Video Series

Susanna Kohler

Susanna Kohler American Astronomical Society (AAS)

How do you write a good title for your article? What are data editors and how can they help improve your work? What happens during the peer review process after you submit a research manuscript? When is an article an ApJ Letter? What is the AAS journals’ business model? How can I be a good referee?

You’ve got questions about AAS Publishing, and AAS Journals Lead Editor Frank Timmes has answers. In a new series of videos published on the AAS YouTube channel, Timmes provides clear, concise overviews of a variety of topics related to the American Astronomical Society’s journals.

In the first series of eight videos, released today and entitled “On publishing in the AAS Journals (as an author)”, Timmes discusses the various steps involved in writing and submitting an article to AAS journals. The videos include topics like composing a useful article title, responding to a referee report, and selecting an appropriate journal corridor.

Future video series will be released on a regular basis, and they’ll be broad in scope — a few upcoming videos include a look at the AAS journals’ business model, an overview of the recently rebooted Bulletin of the AAS, guidance in making engaging figures for articles, and a discussion of how to become a scientific editor for the AAS journals.

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You can view the whole first video series here, or check out the first video in the series above.