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GALEX Fest: Exploring the UV Universe A Conference to Celebrate Nine Years of Exploration


4 - 7 September 2012


Pasadena, CA


GALEX Fest Poster

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The Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) has surveyed the ultraviolet sky for almost nine years. GALEX surveys have supported numerous galaxy evolution investigations and archival data will support more complex investigations in conjunction with corollary data from other wavelengths. Over and above GALEX's study of galaxy evolution the surveys have: found all UV bright QSOs at low and high redshift, discovered tidal capture flares from inactive black holes, discovered shock breakout flashes from distant supernovae, selected a sample of galaxies for Baryon Acoustic Oscillation surveys, and in our own Milky Way, discovered and diagnosed spectacular new stellar wind nebulae from aging, mass-losing stars.

This conference will survey many of the areas touched on by GALEX, ranging from stellar astrophysics through galaxy evolution to cosmology. For more details see the conference web site.