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[forwarded by the Society on behalf of NSF]

The last day for community input to the AST Division's Portfolio Review is Tuesday, 31 January 2012. We strongly encourage all interested members of the community to become informed about the review process, by making use of the materials posted on the Portfolio Review web page,

Input to the Portfolio Review is accepted only through the Email address. Comments posted to blogs, electronic forums, or similar resources, including those operated by national observatories, are NOT input to the Review. Submitted comments or documents are limited to 5 pages in length. They may contain a URL link to a longer document; however, you should not assume that links will be followed. It is best to make your submitted document self-contained, with major points clearly emphasized.

We urge you to keep your comments concise and to directly address Charge to the Committee (available on the web page). Please do not argue for new projects not endorsed by Astro2010, press for a re-ordering of Astro2010 priorities, or advocate for increased support for particular activities without suggesting ways to offset costs. Suggestions that AST ask, hope, or lobby for more funding will not be helpful, as these are not consistent with the Federal budgeting and appropriations process.

Current and foreseeable budgetary constraints represent a challenge to astronomical community. Careful stewardship of the NSF astronomy portfolio, through mechanisms such as the Portfolio Review, is essential for maintaining the vitality of the field. We thank you for your participation in this important process.

James S. Ulvestad
Director, Division of Astronomical Sciences

Mailed 23 January 2012
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