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DPS 48 / EPSC 11 Meeting: Contact Us

DPS Scientific Organizing Committee

Kevin Baines
Jason Barnes
James Bauer
Lance Benner
Diana Blaney
Bonnie Buratti
Scott Edgington
Jay Goguen
Murthy Gudipathi
Kevin Hand
Amanda Hendrix
Jason Hofgartner
Emily Kramer
Rosaly Lopes
Michael Mischna
David O’Brien
Jay Pasachoff
Sylvain Piqueux
Vishnu Reddy
Linda Spilker
Mark Swain
Michelle Viotti
Hanying Wei

Core Team:
Kevin Baines (SOC Chair), Jason Barnes (Current DPS Chair), Diana Blaney (Local Organizing Committee Chair), Bonnie Burrati (past DPS Chair), Rosaly Lopes (Past DPS Chair)

EPSC Scientific Organizing Committee

Mahesh Anand
Nicolas Andre
Lina Canas
Maria Teresa Capria
Apostolis Christou
Athena Coustenis
Gabriele Cremonese
Vincenzo Della Corte
Maria Cristina De Sanctis
Felipe Gómez
Manuel Grande
Caitriona Jackman
Elin McCormack
Susan Mckenna-Lawlor
Olga Prieto-Ballestero
Ralf Srama
Giovanna Tinetti
Federico Tosi
Ruth Ziethe

Core Team:
Manuel Grande, Maria Teresa Capri, Athena Coustenis, Felipe Gómez

AAS Meetings Team

Direct Phone Number: 202-328-2013

  • Director of Meetings Services (Team Lead)
    A. Renée Battle, x111
  • Assistant Director of Meetings Services (General Meeting Logistics, Workshops)
    Lisa Idem, x126
  • Abstracts Administrator (Abstracts, Science Program, and Volunteers)
    Kathy Cox, x117
  • Meetings Services Specialist (Registration, Housing, Hotel Liaison)
    Lynn Ervin, x104
  • Exhibits and Sponsorship Coordinator (Website, Exhibits, Sponsors)
    Debbie Kovalsky, x110
  • Abstract Submission Help Desk
    Monday, 12:00 am ET, through Friday, 8:30 pm ET, 1-888-503-1050; Reference DPS 48 Meeting