46th DPS Meeting

Meeting Videos

DPS 46
Annual Meeting for Division for Planetary Sciences
Tucson, AZ
9 – 14 November 2014

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Plenary Sessions

  • 108.01: Hot Facts About Cool Comets, Anita Cochran
  • 109.01: A New Era of Comparative Planetology, Victoria Meadows
  • 208.01: The Moon in the UV, Amanda Hendrix
  • 407.01: What's Going on Around the Outer Planets? A Report on Recent Ring Research, Matthew Hedman
  • 408.01: Dense and Narrow Rings Around the Centaur Object (10199) Chariklo, Bruno Sicardy

Public Talk

  • Sagan Lecture Public Talk: Discarded Worlds: Astronomical Ideas That Were Almost Correct...Guy Consolmagno

Press Conferences

  • Baby Planetary System; Twin Asteroid Occultation; Tailless Comet; Titan's Lakes & Seas
  • Venus Express Aerobraking; Venus Aurora; Main-Belt Comet; Comet Siding Spring; Binary Planets
  • Near-Earth Asteroids; Vesta's History; Bennu: Target of OSIRIS-REx; Uranus's Atmospheric Antics
  • Seminar for Science Writers: The New Horizons Encounter with Pluto in 2015