45th DPS Meeting


DPS 45
Annual Meeting for Division for Planetary Sciences
Denver, CO
6 – 11 October 2013

The Division for Planetary Sciences welcomes the following Exhibitors to our 45th Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado.  Please make sure to visit their booth.

Exhibit Hall Floor Plan (PDF)


Booth: 101
Contact: Steve Tanaka
Company Name: Boeing
Website: www.boeing.com
Phone: (818) 519-8416


Cambridge University Press

Booth: 100
Contact: James Murphy
Company Name: Cambridge University Press
Website: www.cambridge.org/us
Phone: (212) 924-3900


Lockheed Martin Corp.

Booth: 111-113
Contact: Scott Hovarter
Company Name: Lockheed Martin Corp.
Website: www.lmco.com
Phone: (303) 971-3098


JHU/Applied Physics Laboratory

Booth: 105
Contact: Margaret Simon
Company Name: JHU/Applied Physics Laboratory
Website: www.cambridge.org/us
Phone: (240) 228-7150



Booth: 104
Contact: Ellen O'Leary
Company Name: NEXSci/Kepler
Website: nexsci.caltech.edu
Phone: (626) 395-1920


Planetary Data System

Booth: 112
Contact: Thomas H. Morgan
Company Name: Planetary Data System
Website: nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/pds.html
Phone: (301) 286-1743


Space Science Institute

Booth: 110
Contact: Courtney Coe
Company Name: Space Science Institute
Website: www.spacescience.org
Phone: (720) 974-5871



Booth: 107
Contact: Nora Rawn
Company Name: Springer
Website: www.springer.com/sky
Phone: (212) 460-1511