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232nd AAS Meeting Schedule and Speakers

Featured Speakers

Sarbani Basu
Yale Univ.
SPD Hale Prize

Gurtina Besla
Univ. of Arizona

Alison Coil
Univ. of California,
San Diego

Julie Comerford
Univ. of Colorado,

Debra Fischer
Yale Univ.
Kavli Prize Lecture

Evan Kirby
Pierce Prize

David Neufeld
Johns Hopkins Univ.
LAD Plenary

Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz
UCO/Lick Obs.

Thomas Rimmele
National Solar Obs.

Keivan Stassun
Vanderbilt Univ.

Nicholas Walton
Univ. of Cambridge


  • Bridging Laboratory & Astrophysics (organized by LAD)
  • Stellar Abundances in Dwarf Galaxies (organized by Pierce Prize winner Evan Kirby)
  • Infrared Astrophysics in the SOFIA Era (organized by William Reach & Kimberly Ennico Smith)
  • Low Radio Frequency Observations from Space (organized by Jack Burns; download the PDF flyer)
  • Preparing for JWST Science with the Early Release Science Programs (organized by Bonnie Meinke)

Special Sessions

  • Astrophysics Archives in the 2020s
  • Decadal Survey Preparations: State of the Profession
  • AAS Taskforce on Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education
  • Indigenous Knowledge in 21st Century Science
  • Contributions from NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellows

Town Halls

  • NASA
  • NSF
  • National Solar Observatory (NSO)
  • Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
  • The Promise of Multimessenger Astrophysics (NSF & NASA)
  • AAS Members Meeting


  • Using Python to Search NASA's Astrophysics Archives
  • Using Anchored Inquiry to Teach Astronomy and Physics
  • CAE Workshop: How to interactively teach – and improve – students’ quantitative problem solving skills

Other Content

  • Hack Office Hours: Using Python and Astropy for Astronomical Data Analysis