228th meeting

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228th meeting of the American Astronomical Society
San Diego, California
12 – 16 June 2016

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Plenary Sessions

These links point to slidecasts, i.e., presentation slides accompanied by audio of the lectures. Some invited talks and prize lectures aren't included here, for one or more of the following reasons: (1) the speaker didn't give us permission to record and post his or her presentation, (2) the quality of the recording was substandard, or (3) a technical glitch prevented the successful recording of the audio and/or presentation slides.

  • 101.01: Plenary Talk: The Ocean World Enceladus, Christopher Glein
  • 104.01: IR Laboratory Astrophysics at Forty: Some Highlights and a Look to the Future, Louis J. Allamandola
  • 107.01: Plenary Talk: From Space Archeology to Serving the World Today: A 20-Year Journey from the Jungles of Guatemala to a Network of Satellite Remote Sensing Facilities Around the World, Daniel Irwin (NASA)
  • 114.01: Plenary Talk:The Brightest Pulses in the Universe, Maura McLaughlin (WVU)
  • 115.01: Plenary Talk: The Galaxy Zoo, Kevin Schawinski (ETH Zurich)

  • 200.01: Plenary Talk: X-ray Spectra and Photoionized Plasmas, Tim Kallman (NASA GSFC)
  • 203.01: On the importance of having accurate data for astrophysical modelling, Fran├žois Lique
  • 206.01: Plenary Talk: APOGEE: The New View of the Milky Way -- Large Scale Galactic Structure, Jo Bovy (University of Toronto)
  • 212.01: Plenary Talk: Things That Go Bump in the Night: The Transient Radio Sky, Dale Frail (NRAO)
  • 213.01: Plenary Talk: MAVEN Observations of Atmospheric Loss at Mars, Shannon Curry (UC Berkeley)

  • 300.01: 2015 Newton Lacy Pierce Prize Lecture: The Elephant in the Room: Effects of Distant, Massive Companions on Planetary System Architectures, Heather Knutson (CIT)
  • 305.01: Kavli Foundation Lecture: Observation of Gravitational Waves, Gabriela Gonzalez
  • 309.01: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory "Laboratory Astrophysics in Support of High-Resolution X-ray Astronomy" 2016 Laboratory Astrophysics Prize, Peter Beiersdorfer
  • 312.01: Plenary Talk: From the First Stars and Galaxies to the Epoch of Reionization: 20 Years of Computational Progress, Michael Norman (UC San Diego)

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