222nd meeting


222nd meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Indianapolis, Indiana
2 – 6 June 2013

The American Astronomical Society welcomes the following Exhibitors to our 222nd Meeting in Indianapolis.  Please make sure to visit their booth.

American Astronomical Society

Booth: 116
Contact: Debbie Kovalsky
Company Name: American Astronomical Society
Website: aas.org
Phone: (202) 328-2010

Apogee Imaging Systems

Booth: 101
Contact: Tim Puckett
Company Name: Apogee Imaging Systems
Website: www.ccd.com
Phone: (916) 218-7450

Associated Universities, Inc.

Booth: 205
Contact: Miriam Satin
Company Name: Associated Universities, Inc.
Website: www.aui.edu
Phone: (202) 462-1676

Bowen Technovation/AstroFX

Booth: 100
Contact: Jeff Bowen
Company Name: Bowen Technovation/AstroFX
Website: www.bowentechnovation.com
Phone: (317) 863-0525


Booth: 207
Contact: Fred Metzler
Company Name: Canon
Website: usa.canon.com
Phone: (631) 330-5000

Chandra X-ray Center

Booth: 104
Contact: John Little
Company Name: CHANDRA X-ray Center
Website: chandra.harvard.edu
Phone: (617) 275-3386

Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute

Booth: 114
Contact: Arvind Gopu
Company Name: Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute
Website: portal.odi.iu.edu
Phone: (812) 856-0187


Booth: 113
Contact: Ellen O'Leary
Company Name: IPAC
Website: ipac.caltech.edu
Phone: (626) 395-1920

Konica Minolta Planetarium - Magna-Tech Electronic Co.

Booth: 103
Contact: Vicki Amorosi
Company Name: Konica Minolta Planetarium - Magna-Tech Electronic Co.
Website: www.myiceco.com
Phone: (305) 573-7339

 Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

Booth: 215
Contact: Soyoung Hong
Company Name: Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Website: www.kasi.re.kr/english
Phone: +82-42-865-2186

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Booth: 201
Contact: Mark Adams
Company Name: NRAO
Website: www.nrao.edu
Phone: (434) 296-0222

NExScI/Kepler Project

Booth: 107
Contact: Ellen O'Leary
Company Name: NEXSci/Kepler
Website: nexsci.caltech.edu
Phone: (626) 395-1920


Booth: 102
Contact: Margaret Oko
Company Name: Pearson
Website: www.pearsonhighered.com
Phone: (201) 236-5885


Booth: 200
Contact: Darlene Mendoza
Company Name: SOFIA
Website: www.sofia.usra.edu
Alternate Website: www.nasa.gov/SOFIA
Phone: (650) 604-1857

Space Telescope Science Institute

Booth: 209
Contact: Lucy Albert
Company Name: Space Telescope Science Institute
Website: www.stsci.edu
Phone: (410) 338-4857

Springer Science and Business Media

Booth: 112
Contact: Jennifer Satten
Company Name: Springer
Website: www.springer.com
Phone: (212) 460-1728

The National Optical Astronomy Observatory

Booth: 206
Contact: Kathie Coil
Company Name: National Optical Astronomy Observatory
Website: www.noao.edu
Phone: (520) 318-8230

Thirty Meter Telescope

Booth: 208
Contact: Gordon Squires
Company Name: TMT Observatory Corp
Website: tmt.org
Phone: (626) 395-1619