220th meeting

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220th meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Anchorage, Alaska
10 – 14 June 2012

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Invited Sessions

  • 100: Welcoming Address by UAA Chancellor Tom Case; AAS Welcomes New Division (Audio Only)
  • 101: Kavil Prize: Laboratory Astrophysics as Key to Understanding the Universe
  • 112: SPD Hale Prize: The Two Sources of Solar Energetic Particles
  • 126: Exploring the Planet Mercury: One Year of MESSENGER Orbital Observations
  • 127: Transits of Venus and Mercury: Exoplanet Analogs in Our Solar System
  • 300: SPD Harvey Prize: The Solar Cycle: From Understanding to Forecasting
  • 311: Russell Prize: The Cold Dark Matter Theory of Galaxy Formation: A Status Report
  • 325: The Plasma Physics of Cosmic Rays
  • 327: Public Talk: The Accelerating Universe
  • 400: SPD Parker Lecture: How to Observe (Rather Than Model) The Interiors of Stars
  • 412: Warner Prize: Bubble, Bubble, Toil, And Trouble: A Theorist's Romp Through The Cosmic Dawn
  • 425: Under the Radar: The First Woman in Radio Astronomy, Ruby Payne-Scott
  • 426: SkyMapper: Surveying the Southern Sky
  • 500: SPD Parker Lecture: Solar Twins and Stellar Maunder Minima
  • 510: Yup'ik Understandings of the Environment: "The World is Changing Following Its People"
  • 519: Mix One-Part Astronomy Education Research with One-Part General Education Astronomy Course and You Get a Very Potent Science Literacy Transformation Cocktail
  • 520: AIP Germant Award: Tycho to Kepler: Four Centuries and More of Astronomy and the Media

Press Conferences

  • What's New Under the Sun
  • Galaxies Bright, Faint, Near & Far
  • A Matter of Some Gravity
  • Stars & Stellar Systems
  • Exoplanets & Brown Dwarfs
  • Small Round (& Not-So-Round) Things