218th meeting

Blogs, Tweets, and News Reports

218th meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Boston, MA
22 – 26 May 2011

Interested in staying on top of what's happening at the 218th AAS meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, 22-26 May 2011? This is the place to start! Just follow the links below to view blog postings, tweets, and news articles from/about the meeting. (Note to bloggers and journalists: If you're covering the meeting and don't see your link here, please send it to AAS Press Officer Dr. Rick Fienberg.)

Blogs represented at the meeting:

AAS Public Policy Blog:
Bethany Johns, the AAS's John N. Bahcall Public Policy Fellow, will post reports from Town Hall sessions and other policy discussions.

Pamela Gay (Southern Illinois Univ. Edwardsville & Zooniverse) is a very active blogger who tweets regularly too.

Women in Astronomy:
Sponsored by the AAS Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA), this blog deals with issues related to gender equality (or the lack thereof) in astronomy. CSWA and the AAS Committee on the Status of Minorities in Astronomy (CSMA) are hosting special session 214, "Transforming Cultural Norms: Mentoring/Networking Groups for Women and Minorities," at 2 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 24th.

Blogs not represented at the meeting but likely to cover it remotely:

Astronomy Blog:
Written by a United Kingdom astronomer named Stuart. If he has a surname, he's keeping it to himself.

Bad Astronomy:
Astronomer-writer-TV-host Phil Plait often attends AAS meetings, but he's not registered for this one.

Centauri Dreams:
Paul Gilster blogs on behalf of the Tau Zero Foundation.

NASA Watch:
Keith Cowing often seems to know what NASA is doing before NASA knows what NASA is doing.


@AAS_Press & @AAS_EPO:
Tweets from AAS Press Officer / Education & Outreach Coordinator Rick Fienberg, who's coordinating the press program.

@AAS_CAPP & @AAS_Bethany_J:
Tweets from AAS Bahcall Public Policy Fellow Bethany Johns, who's also blogging on the AAS Public Policy Blog.

There are too many others to list! Just search for the hashtag #aas218 (and be sure to use that hashtag in your own tweets).

News organizations/publications covering the meeting (most in person):

Astronomy Cast

Behind the Black.com
Boston Globe
Cosmic Mirror


NASA Astrobiology
National Geographic
NCRV Radio (Dutch)
New Scientist

Science News

Scientific American

Sky & Telescope
Skyweek (German)

Tähdet ja avaruus (Finnish)
Universe Today

Voice of America
Washington Post