217th meeting

Blogs, Tweets, and News Reports

217th meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Seattle, WA
9 – 13 January 2011

Interested in staying on top of what's happening at the 217th AAS meeting in Seattle, Washington, 9-13 January 2011? This is the place to start! Just follow the links below to view blog postings, tweets, and news articles from/about the meeting. (Note to bloggers and journalists: If you're covering the meeting and don't see your link here, please send it to AAS Press Officer Dr. Rick Fienberg.)

Blogs represented at the meeting:

Alice's AstroInfo:
Alice Enevoldsen of Seattle's Pacific Science Center answers astronomy-related questions from the public.

AAS Public Policy Blog:
Bethany Johns, the AAS's John N. Bahcall Public Policy Fellow, will post reports from Town Hall sessions and other policy discussions.

Contributor Kelle Cruz (Hunter College/CUNY & AMNH) is registered to be at the meeting and has blogged about AAS meetings before.

Cosmic Log:
Alan Boyle (MSNBC) will be at the meeting; he's also very active on Facebook and Twitter.

Cosmic Variance:
Contributor Risa Wechsler (Stanford Univ.) is registered to attend.

Dynamics of Cats:
Steinn Sigurdsson (Penn State Univ.) will be at the meeting.

Written by a “twenty-something astrophysics PhD student” who prefers to remain anonymous.

Pamela Gay (Southern Illinois Univ. Edwardsville & Zooniverse) is another very active blogger who tweets regularly too.

The Astronomist:
Alexander B. Fry (Univ. of Washington) will be in Seattle, of course, since he lives and works there!

The Spacewriter:
Journalist/planetarian Carolyn Collins Petersen (Loch Ness Productions) is registered for the meeting.

Blogs not represented at the meeting but likely to cover it remotely:

Astronomy Blog:
Written by a United Kingdom astronomer named Stuart. If he has a surname, he's keeping it to himself.

Bad Astronomy:
Astronomer-writer-TV-host Phil Plait often attends AAS meetings, but he's not registered for this one.

Centauri Dreams:
Paul Gilster blogs on behalf of the Tau Zero Foundation.

NASA Watch:
Keith Cowing often seems to know what NASA is doing before NASA knows what NASA is doing.


@AAS_Press & @AAS_EPO:
Tweets from AAS Press Officer / Education & Outreach Coordinator Rick Fienberg, who's coordinating the press program.

@AAS_CAPP & @AAS_Bethany_J:
Tweets from AAS Bahcall Public Policy Fellow Bethany Johns, who's also blogging on the AAS Public Policy Blog.

There are too many others to list! Just search for the hashtag #aas217 (and be sure to use that hashtag in your own tweets).

News organizations/publications covering the meeting (most in person):

BBC News
CBS News
Discovery Channel/Reuters
German Public Radio
National Geographic
New Scientist
Physics Today
Physics World
Science News
Science Today
Scientific American
Seattle Astronomy Examiner
Sky & Telescope
Space News
Universe Today
USA Today