Publication Policy for the AAS Job Register

Deadlines for Submission

Job ads may be submitted at any time and should be submitted well before the deadline so that any errors or difficulties can be resolved efficiently.

Job ads will be reviewed by the moderator within two business days.

If payment is not received, then the announcement will not be reviewed and approved. We recommend that submission and payment be made by credit card.


  • Submit and pay on 15 October – Job ad will appear online within two days of 15 October.
  • Submit on 15 October and pay on 25 November – Job ad will appear online within two days of 25 November.

Rate Sheet

For rate information please see the job register submission form.

Employers must indicate how they will pay for their job ad at the time of submission.

We accept payment by:

  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, and American Express)
  • Check, in US currency drawn on a US bank.

Checks should be made payable to American Astronomical Society and sent to:

American Astronomical Society
Attention: Job Register Payment
1667 K Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20006-1681, USA

Phone: 202-328-2010
Fax: 202-234-2560

The AAS is a small, scientific, non-profit organization. The AAS Federal Identification number is 21-0735173.

In very rare circumstances, a discount may be available for institutions from developing countries. In all cases, a formal petition for a reduced fee must be sent by email or fax to the AAS Job Register Moderator, requesting a discount and justifying the request.

In no case will the discount exceed a 50% reduction in the publishing fee or will discounts be available for more than one announcement per year.

Job Ad Requirements

The character count limit per listing is 2,000 characters. For longer ads, a $0.05 per 8 characters charge will be applied. This includes embedded HTML, CSSS, or JavaScript.

Jobs will not be published without the following:

  1. Indication that the vacancy is genuine and has not been allocated or promised to anyone prior to the closing date
  2. For first time publication, an application closing date that falls no earlier than the last day of the month of publication
  3. A check or appropriate billing information as described above

We encourage advertisers to provide URLs to relevant web sites with their job ads or additional information (e.g., department homepage).

Job posters should inform applicants in a timely manner if they are no longer being considered for the position.

We also strongly encourage employers to include information about benefits offered or to link to this information in the job ad. This is especially important to clarify for postdoctoral or other non-permanent positions. We also encourage applicants to inquire and obtain a clear picture of the benefits at the time any offer is proffered.

Previously published job ads may be re-published for additional months as long as the closing date is one month or more from the initial publication date of the job. Example: A job initially published in the January issue may be republished in the February issue and have a closing date in February.

The AAS Job Register cannot require overseas employers to comply with any US regulations regarding employment discrimination.

The AAS provides the Job Register as a service to its members and supports a broadly inclusive community. Posting of positions on the Job Register does not constitute or imply endorsement by the AAS. The AAS encourages job seekers to conduct their own research before applying to any positions included in the Job Register. The AAS reserves the right to edit or remove any submission. If you believe a position has been posted that violates AAS ethics policies, please submit a report to [email protected].


All job ads should be submitted using the Web Submission Form or, if necessary, send your advertisement by email to [email protected]. If email is not available, job ads, with payment, are also accepted by US mail and by fax at 202-234-2560. Only one open position should be listed per job ad. Please do not combine positions.

Cancellation Policy

Job ads can be canceled or removed from the Job Register site at any time by contacting [email protected] or calling 202-328 2010 x106, however no refunds will be issued for a job ad that has already been processed and is ready for publication.

AAS Policy on Notification of Postdoctoral Positions

The AAS Council (now Board of Trustees) has passed (1988) and reaffirmed (2003 and 2006) a resolution stating that no postdoctoral position should require a candidate response prior to February 15th of each year. This policy applies to postdoctoral positions whose recruitment cycles follow the normal academic search timeline (offers in early spring to begin summer or fall of the same year). The text of this resolution is available on the Society Resolution webpage.

Employers should take this policy into account in their recruitment process.

Frequency and Circulation

New job ads are published in the Job Register daily. On average, 70 new jobs are announced in each issue. Since the Job Register is freely available to anyone with internet access, circulation numbers are hard to estimate. Each month the Job Register site sees around 10,000 unique visitors.

The Job Register is published online at:

Member Notification

The AAS maintains a list of members that like to be notified when a new Job Register is posted. Members may be added to the Job Register email notice list by sending a message to [email protected].