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Dues & Subscription Fees

AAS Dues 2019

Member Type Cost
Full Member $195
Graduate Student Member $68
Undergraduate Student Member $39
International Affiliate $117
Education Affiliate $88
Alumni Affiliate $103
Amateur Affiliate $52
Emeritus Member $97
Reinstatement Fee $10

Division Dues 2019

Division Cost
Member* Non-Member Emeritus Graduate Student Undergraduate Affiliate
Division on Dynamical Astronomy (DDA) $20 $25 $0  $10 $5
Division for Planetary Sciences (DPS) $25 $30 $0  $10 $10
Historical Astronomy Division (HAD) $15 $20 $0  $0  $0 
High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) $15 $25 $0  $5 $5
Laboratory Astrophysics Division (LAD) $20 $25 $0  $10 $5
Solar Physics Division (SPD) $15 $30 $0  $15 $15
*Member rates apply to Full and International Affiliate memberships. To be determined: Alumni and Amateur Affiliates' participation in AAS Divisions.

Paid Subscriptions 2019

Astronomical Journal and Astrophysical Journal

Are you a member and want to change your subscription? You can change it on your membership renewal invoice or by sending an email to the Membership Department at


Electronic Astronomical Journal and Astrophysical Journal, Supplement, and Letters* – $25
*Anyone at an institution with an active site license for the AAS journals will have electronic access from their office computer. AAS members who wish to have their own access, perhaps because they travel a lot, have the opportunity to purchase an electronic-only subscription to the Electronic Package. The access is controlled by password and is independent of which machine you are using.

Publications included with membership

  • AAS News Digest, a biweekly email newsletter with the latest news from the AAS and the astronomical sciences
  • Physics Today, online and monthly print publication of the American Institute of Physics
  • AAS Membership Directory (includes a comprehensive listing of all astronomy institutions worldwide)
  • AAS Membership Calendar
Please note: Not all publications above are available to all membership classes or geographic regions. Please see the membership classes page for specific benefits.