Chrétien International Research Grants


In honor of the memory of Henri Chrétien, French Professor of Optics and co-originator of the Ritchey-Chrétien telescope design, the American Astronomical Society has been named to administer grants to further international collaborative projects in observational astronomy. Emphasis is on long-term visits and the development of close working relationships with astronomers in other countries.


Astronomers with a PhD or equivalent; graduate students are not eligible.


Up to $20,000 (US) is available each year to one or more individuals or groups to be used for the support of international observational astronomy with the emphasis upon long-term, international visits. The awards are open to astronomers throughout the world.


Applications should include:

  • A description of the research project (no more than three pages in length) including an assessment of its importance to that particular subfield of astronomy and a statement enumerating all the aspects of international collaboration.
  • A statement of the candidate's ability to do the proposed research. Special emphasis should be placed on international collaboration and foreign visits which have been arranged. Include facilities available and observing time allocations, if any.
  • A proposed budget with brief justification for the amount requested.
  • A description of other financial resources available.
  • The candidate's curriculum vitae and bibliography of recent papers.
  • Two letters of reference from astronomers who know the candidate's work. The candidate is responsible for ensuring that these letters reach the Committee by the application deadline.
  • Any special circumstances which might help in the decision process.


The application deadline is the 1st of April each year. Applications and all supporting materials should be submitted electronically to Jonah Wooley, [email protected].

Eligible Expenditures

The awards may be used to cover any reasonable costs associated with astronomical observational research including travel costs, salary, publication costs, and small pieces of research equipment. If appropriate, the recipient's family is encouraged to accompany him/her on the long-term international visit.


The award decisions are made by an international committee of astronomers and are announced by the American Astronomical Society in September. The decisions will be made on the basis of quality of research, importance of the proposed research to international astronomy, the ability of the applicant to carry out the research, and prudence of the budget estimates.

Preference will be given to individuals of high promise who are otherwise unfunded. Innovative technical approaches including the development and use of new optics, new devices and new techniques will count heavily in the applicant's favor. These awards will normally not be given to supplement a major research project which is funded elsewhere. The letters of reference will weigh heavily in the decision process.

The awards are for individuals and will be made as single payments directly to the Principal Investigators. There is no institutional overhead included in this award. Except for general adherence to the research objectives stated in the proposal, there are no restrictions on the use of the money. At the conclusion of the research project, a short report and a simple financial statement will be required.

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Henri Chrétien Grant Committee 

Past Grant Recipients

2021 Marcel Agüeros
2020 N/A
2019 Borja Anguiano & Joseph Carson
2018 Maria Giovanna Dianotti
2017 Ilani Loubser
2016 Nelly Mouawad
2015 Aglae Kellerer & Erez Ribak Ricky Smart
2014 Nelly Mouawad
2013 Basmah Riaz
2012 Rodolfo Montez & Eric Pantin
2011 Brice Ménard
2010 Nicolle Zellner
2009 John Wisniewski
2008 Yannick Copin
2007 N. Phan-Bao
2006 Shashi Kanbur
2005 Stanislav Melnikov
2004 Dimitri Pourbaix Franck Marchis
2003 Manuel Bautista Alina-Catalina Donea, & Denise C. Gabuzda
2002 Sergei Andrevsky, R. Earle Luck Norbert Chistlieb, & Judy Cohen
2001 Michael Hudson Josep Marti
2000 David Elbaz Vytautas Straizys
1999 Shaul Hanany Igor Karachentsev, & Eva Grebel
1998 Brett Gladman Rachida Sadat
1997 Richard Green David Lambert
1996 Elizabeth Griffin Saul Perlmutter
1995 Andre Richichi, Eugene Trunkovsky K.P. Sokolov, & Suchitra Balachandran
1994 Pierre Bergeron Scott Horner
1993 Denise C. Gabuzda
1992 Trinh X. Thuan Guillem Anglada
1991 Patrick J. McCarthy Vijay K. Kapahi
1990 Jill Bechtold, Adam Dobrzycki Richard F. Green, & Keliang Huang
1989 Kenneth C. Chambers Arlin P.S. Crotts
1988 Douglas R. Gies Henry A. Hill
1987 Guido Garay Klaus Strassmeier
1986 Quan-Shi Guo Wolfgang Gieren, & Wil van Breugel
1985 Mark Birkinshaw, Teresa Lago David F. Malin, & Richard D. Schwartz
1984 Angeles I. Diaz Luis F. Rodriguez
1983 Almas Chalabaev Barry F. Madore
1982 Catherine Boisson Paul T. P. Ho