Career Services at AAS Winter Meetings

The AAS makes available resources and services for job seekers and hiring managers alike at each winter meeting. The AAS collects CVs and makes them available to recruiters; posts job announcements; facilitates matchmaking between job seekers and hiring managers; and hosts "office space" (i.e., tables and chairs in a secluded meeting room) for on-the-spot interviews.


  • Take advantage of the rich candidate pool of nearly 2,000 professional astronomers in attendance at AAS winter meetings. Visit the AAS booth to post your current and forthcoming job opportunities and let attendees know how to contact you (e.g., text, stopping by booth #123, email) for more information.
  • Meet. Interview. Hire. If you are planning to conduct onsite formal interviews with short-listed candidates and would like to secure meeting space for this purpose, please email [email protected].
  • Shop the stars. If you would like to search the AAS CV Collection, stop by the AAS booth for further instructions.

Job Seekers:

  • Recruiters want to talk with you. Stop by the bulletin board and see who at the meeting is available for informational or formal interviews. Then make contact based on the notes in the posting.
  • Get your name out there! Submit your curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé to the AAS CV Collection by 30 December.
  • Find out more. Sign up for customized career consulting, attend career development sessions, or ask about career advisors.

Make the most of your AAS meeting!

  • Check to see whether any of the institutions where you are interested in working are exhibiting — if they are, go introduce yourself.
  • Giving a talk? Be sure to include your session in any cover letters you send out prior to the meeting.
  • Presenting an iPoster? Consider including your photo so recruiters can recognize you.
  • Review the meeting abstracts for institutions, projects, and people related to your dream job.
  • Introduce yourself to members of the AAS Committee on Employment.