AAS Meeting Attendee Lists Are Not for Sale

12 Nov 2020
If you've received an email offering a list of AAS meeting attendees for sale, you're being scammed. We do not share our attendee lists with third parties. Buyer beware!

Solar Eclipse Planning Workshop: T − 3 Years

2 Mar 2021
With the 8 April 2024 North American total solar eclipse just three years away, the AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force is organizing another workshop for local, state, and national planners, this time virtually, 9-10 April.

Submit an AASTCS Proposal

17 Feb 2021
The American Astronomical Society invites all members and colleagues to submit proposals from all areas of the astronomical sciences for the AAS Topical Conference Series.

CAP Conference Goes Virtual in 2021

16 Feb 2021
The International Astronomical Union Commission C2 — Communicating Astronomy with the Public (CAP) — will host a virtual edition of its CAP Conference series in May. Registration is free; abstract deadline: 15 March.

238th AAS Meeting Goes Virtual

28 Jan 2021
The AAS Board of Trustees has decided that the 238th AAS meeting in June 2021, originally planned for Anchorage, Alaska, will be held virtually due to the slow rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and ongoing travel risks.

AAS Press Conferences: Not Just for Reporters

6 January 2021
News briefings at AAS meetings are open to all attendees — no press badge required. Is a colleague or student of yours participating in a press conference? Come show your support!

Career Services and Sessions at AAS 237

6 Jan 2021
Don't miss the career happenings at AAS 237! We'll have a bit of everything, from career workshops to drop-ins at the AAS Career Center, plus a CV Collection for job seekers to post and for hiring managers to peruse.