Archived AAS Press Conference Webcasts

We are in the process of moving archived briefing videos from our old website to the AAS Press Office YouTube channel, at which point we will add more links from this page.

Press Conferences from AAS 229, Grapevine, Texas, 3-7 January 2017

  • Press Conference: Closing In on a Fast Radio Burst
  • Press Conference: Recent Science Breakthroughs from Arecibo Observatory
  • Press Conference: Galaxies & Black Holes Therein
  • Press Conference: Latest Results from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  • Press Conference: Stars & Interstellar Space
  • Press Conference: Exoplanets & Exocomets
  • Press Conference: Black Holes, Green Galaxies, Old Stars & NuSTARs
  • Seminar for Science Writers: The August 2017 All-American Solar Eclipse

Press Conferences from DPS 48 / EPSC 11, Pasadena, California, 16-21 October 2016

  • Venus, Mars & Rosetta's Comet
  • New Horizons at Pluto, Charon & Beyond
  • Updates on ExoMars & "Planet Nine"
  • First Science from Juno at Jupiter
  • Wet Asteroid, Io Volcano, Cassini at Saturn & Titan

Press Conferences from AAS 228, San Diego, California, 12-16 June 2016

  • Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs
  • From Molecules to Galaxies
  • Shaking Hands and Eruptive Variables
  • Dark Skies, Aliens, and the Multiverse
  • Latest News from the LIGO Scientific Collaboration
  • Black Holes and Gamma-Ray Bursts

Press Conferences from AAS 227, Kissimmee, Florida, 4-8 January 2016

  • Press Conference: Black Holes, Andromeda Galaxy, Small-Planet Masses
  • Press Conference: VANDAM Radio Survey, Stellar Bow Shocks, Gas-Cloud Mystery
  • Press Conference: Life in Clusters, Red-Giant Cores, Eta Carinae Twins, Star-Forming Galaxies
  • Seminar for Science Writers: Beyond Hubble & Webb (a technical glitch prevented the successful recording of the presentation slides)
  • Seminar for Science Writers: Science from SOFIA
  • Press Conference: Fermi's Vision, First Stars, Massive Galaxy Cluster, Dark Matter
  • Press Conference: Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV (a technical glitch prevented the successful recording of the presentation slides)

Press Conferences from DPS 47, National Harbor, Maryland, 9-13 November 2015

  • The New Horizons Encounter with the Pluto System: Geology, Atmospheres & Satellites
  • Mercury's Exosphere; Phobos's Surface; Lunar Volatiles; Defining Planets Quantitatively
  • Near-Earth Asteroids; Martian Chemistry; Titan's Cloudy Stratosphere; Exoplanet Hazes
  • Io's Volcanos; Impact on an Asteroid; Comet 67P from Rosetta; Gemini Planet Imager Part I
  • Io's Volcanos; Impact on an Asteroid; Comet 67P from Rosetta; Gemini Planet Imager Part II

Press Conferences from AAS 225, Seattle, Washington, 4-8 January 2015

  • Exoplanets & Host Stars I
  • The Milky Way & Local Group
  • Exoplanets & Host Stars II
  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  • Superstar Eta Carinae
  • Seminar for Science Writers: HST @ 25
  • Black Holes & Binary Stars
  • Predictions & Probabilities

Press Conferences from DPS 46, Tucson, Arizona, 9-14 November 2014

  • Baby Planetary System; Twin Asteroid Occultation; Tailless Comet; Titan's Lakes & Seas
  • Venus Express Aerobraking; Venus Aurora; Main-Belt Comet; Comet Siding Spring; Binary Planets
  • Near-Earth Asteroids; Vesta's History; Bennu: Target of OSIRIS-REx; Uranus's Atmospheric Antics
  • Seminar for Science Writers: The New Horizons Encounter with Pluto in 2015

Press Conferences from AAS 224, Boston, Massachusetts, 1-5 June 2014

  • Solar Explosions in Fine Detail
  • Exoplanets: From Exhilarating to Exasperating
  • What's Happening to the Sunspot Cycle?
  • Galaxies Across the Spectrum
  • An Astronomical Assortment
  • Seminar for Science Writers: The Expanding Universe of Shrinking Satellites