AAS Media Fellowship

The AAS Media Fellowship was developed in 2017 to provide training and experience for a graduate student in the astronomical sciences interested in science communication. The Fellowship is a paid, remote, quarter-time, one year (with the possibility of extension to two years) position intended to be filled by a current graduate student at a US institution.

The Fellowship provides professional development in different facets of media and science communication, and it includes the opportunity to build up a writing portfolio, learn about career opportunities and network within the science communication community, and work with other departments at AAS in accordance with the Fellow's career interests.

Media Fellow Kerry Hensley emcees a press conference


The AAS Media Fellow works in partnership with the Communications and Press teams to coordinate the various media-related activities of the AAS. Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in sharing astronomy press releases via AAS Press Office channels.
  • Regularly writing and publishing articles for AAS Nova.
  • Helping to prepare other written communications such as AAS or Division press releases.
  • Assisting in managing AAS communications such as social media accounts, postings to the AAS website, and emails to members or authors.
  • Serving as backup to members of the Communications and Press teams.
  • At the AAS winter and summer meetings, helping the AAS Press team plan and run press conferences, helping to represent AAS Nova, and helping to organize live-blogging coverage of the meeting for Astrobites and AAS Nova.

AAS Media Fellows

Benjamin Cassese
Graduate student at Columbia University

AAS Nova posts by Ben

Haley Wahl
Current Position: Science Writer at MIT's Lincoln Laboratories

AAS Nova posts by Haley

Tarini Konchady
Current Position: Associate Program Officer, Space Studies Board | National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine

AAS Nova posts by Tarini

Kerry Hensley
Current Position: AAS Communications Specialist and Deputy Press Officer

AAS Nova posts by Kerry