2 May 2013

About the AAS News Digest

Richard Fienberg

Richard Fienberg American Astronomical Society

One of the key features of our new website and communication system is the ability to customize the delivery of electronic content from the Society according to your personal preferences.

In the old system, we’d collect certain material into the bimonthly AAS Newsletter and notify members when it was ready to download as a PDF. Between newsletters we’d distribute other content to members via a monthly email exploder, and we’d send occasional meeting updates and public-policy alerts via email as needed. Some of this content was also published on our website, and some wasn’t.

In the new system, all content gets published to our website, and you can decide how much of it gets delivered to you by email, and on what schedule (e.g., as soon as it’s published, or weekly, or monthly).

We thought the customization of email delivery was fully functional when we “soft launched” the new system in February, but member feedback tells us it isn’t — you’re getting emails you don’t expect, you’re concerned that you might be missing emails you need to see, and you’re daunted by the complexity of the email-customization interface.

We are now working to fix these problems. In the meantime, for the next month or two, we’ll use our old email system to send information of general interest to all members. Meeting and policy alerts will go out as needed. Other content, including items that used to appear in the AAS Newsletter (e.g., the AAS president’s column and news from committees) will be compiled as it comes in and then emailed every other week via this AAS News Digest.

To keep the digest from getting too long, we're including only titles, authors, and brief summaries. Full text is available online at http://aas.org/news. We encourage all members to visit the AAS website regularly to remain fully informed about Society business.