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LSSTCorp 2019 Enabling Science Call for Proposals

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 12:44

LSSTCorp's 2019 Enabling Science Call for Proposals

The LSST Corporation's (LSSTCorp) 2019 Enabling Science Call for Proposals is now open! Funding is available for workshops and other programs, including limited funding for undergraduate students to engage in research in preparation for LSST. This call also solicits Notices of Intent to request support for undergraduate researchers to attend a two-day student-specific program at the LSST Project & Community Workshop in August 2019. Proposals are due midnight Sunday, 6 January 2019.

Additional information may be found on the LSSTC website, including the template for proposal submission and the proposal guidelines.

Suzanne H. Jacoby
Senior Consultant for Communications
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