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New ASP Book to Document the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 14:03

Total Solar Eclipse 2017The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) is pleased to announce a new book to document and celebrate the education and public-outreach efforts of professional astronomers, outreach professionals, citizen scientists, teachers, amateur astronomers, institutions, schools, and others who participated in the 2017 solar eclipse. We welcome articles on any relevant topics, including these:

  • Documentation of events
  • Description of support efforts
  • Resulting products
  • Lessons learned for outreach in general
  • Looking toward the April 2024 eclipse

Articles will be due to editors on 31 May for a final release of the volume in August.

Articles may be submitted in LaTeX or MS Word — you may consider a short article (4-6 pages) or longer article (10-12 pages) for inclusion.

Please complete our short survey to indicate your interest (not a commitment) by 15 February. Instructions for article submission will be sent to corresponding authors by the end of February.

Eclipse Author Survey

Please email Sanlyn Buxner with any questions.

Sanlyn Buxner & Joe Jensen

Sanlyn Buxner
University of Arizona & Planetary Science Institute
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