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Free Workshop on Identifying Talent & Increasing Diversity

Monday, January 29, 2018 - 11:53

This announcement is posted on behalf of Julie Posselt & Casey Miller:


Please join us for a one-day Holistic Review Institute at the University of Southern California on Saturday, 17 March 2018.

Space and travel funds are available, but limited, for this free workshop. Please register promptly to secure a spot:

Holistic review is an evidence-based practice for identifying talent and increasing diversity in STEM. In this institute, which will be led by nationally recognized experts Drs. Julie Posselt, Casey Miller, and Keivan Stassun, you will...

  • learn the research basis for holistic review;
  • discuss practical applications to graduate admissions in STEM, hiring, REU selection, and other evaluative contexts;
  • assess how holistic review can support broader institutional change efforts for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Who should attend:

  • STEM faculty and staff interested in issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially selection processes.
  • Department chairs, MS/PHD directors, REU site leaders.
  • Graduate School administrators
  • Affiliates of NSF-INCLUDES DDLPs

Teams are especially encouraged!

Julie Posselt & Casey Miller, Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN)

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AAS Press Officer
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