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NASA to Host Workshop on Deep Space Gateway Concepts

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 08:45

NASA is sponsoring a three-day workshop to actively engage the scientific community in the early stages of determining the ways in which the deep space gateway concept could be used to facilitate science. This workshop will be held 27 February–1 March 2018, in the Denver, Colorado, area. The final location will be announced at a later date.

The intent of the workshop is to provide an open forum for the presentation, discussion, and consideration of various concepts, options, capabilities, and innovations to advance scientific discovery in cislunar space. Attendance will be by invitation only based on submitted abstracts.

Early integration of science and exploration concerns into the design of the gateway is essential to maximizing its science and exploration potential. It is expected that some science investigations may require the attention of a crew while other investigations may simply use the gateway as infrastructure supplying power, communications, etc. to otherwise autonomous systems.

The goal is to have parallel sessions covering Heliophysics, Earth Science, Astrophysics, Fundamental Physics, Planetary Sciences, Life Sciences, and Space Biology. Scientists from these communities will discuss how the presence of the deep space gateway can enable high-quality science.

Abstracts no longer than two pages are requested and should be submitted through the workshop webpage by 15 December 2017. Visit for additional information.

Jack O. Burns
University of Colorado, Boulder
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