20 April 2016

AAS Education Task Force: Call for White Papers

C. Urry, Yale University

The mission of the American Astronomical Society is to enhance and share humanity's scientific understanding of the universe. The Society is thus fully committed to supporting the education, professional development, and public outreach (E/PD/PO) conducted by and for its members. In a time of social challenges and budget constraints, it is vital that the AAS has a clear vision for the future of its work in E/PD/PO, as well as a clear plan for achieving that vision.

In accordance with its Strategic Plan, the AAS has constituted a task force on education whose charge includes establishing the Society's priorities and plans for E/PD/PO for years to come.

Thoughtful input from the astronomical community will be perhaps the most important knowledge the AAS can gather as the education task force moves forward in its work. We thus invite such input, in the form of short "white papers" ranging in length from a single paragraph to several pages. We welcome white papers from colleagues of all levels of experience and seniority, and on any aspect of E/PD/PO including information about existing activities, recommendations for future activities or policies, or even the definitions and boundaries of the three broad and wide-ranging categories (education, professional development, and public outreach) themselves.

Please send your completed white papers by email to the AAS Education and Outreach Coordinator, Gina Brissenden, or the AAS Education Officer, Charles Liu, by 12 May 2016. We are confident that our astronomical community will benefit greatly from your contributions.

This article is coauthored by Charles Liu, AAS Education Officer