15 January 2014

Prestigious Summer Program Offers Prizes for Innovative Science Curricula

Douglas Duncan, University of Colorado, Boulder

This announcement is adapted from a Summer Science Program press release:

The Summer Science Program (SSP) is seeking innovative curricula to expand its residential program for talented high-school students. Authors of two selected curricula will each be awarded the $2,000 SSP Curriculum Prize and additional funding to test and launch their curricula. Funding is provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation through grant GBMF3621.

This competition is a unique opportunity for an educational innovator to build upon SSP's 55-year-long successful track record. "We are open to ideas from anyone and any field of science," said Dr. Susan Jerian, an SSP alumna and current president. "What matters is that these gifted students are challenged to do real science themselves, not coursework, so that they leave SSP with a visceral understanding of what being a scientist feels like."

Details of the proposal requirements, timelines, phases of curriculum development, and funding are available from http://www.summerscience.org/newcurriculum. Proposal summaries are due by 31 May 2014.

The prestigious Summer Science Program is a 39-day residential program that attracts hundreds of applicants from around the globe. Its mission is to provide highly motivated and academically gifted high-school students (rising seniors) with an intensive, hands-on immersion in interdisciplinary, collaborative research. The program accelerates participants' intellectual and social development and raises their aspirations for college and career. Alumni go on to enroll at top universities, with many becoming STEM leaders, teachers, and innovators with significant impact on their chosen professions. A testimony to the program's effectiveness is the fact that it is managed and largely funded by its alumni. Few opportunities have been demonstrated to provide such a transformational experience for gifted students.

Richard Bowdon
Executive Director
+1 919-439-7759

SSP operates as an independent 501(c)3 non-profit using leased campus facilities in California and New Mexico. Visit http://www.summerscience.org for more information.

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation believes in bold ideas that create enduring impact in the areas of science, environmental conservation, and patient care. Intel co-founder Gordon and his wife Betty established the foundation to create positive change around the world.