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Request for Letters of Interest in EM Identification and Follow-up of GW Triggers

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 15:59

We are requesting Letters of Interest from professional astronomers interested in the identification of electromagnetic (EM) counterparts to gravitational wave (GW) triggers found in the future science runs of the LIGO and Virgo Advanced detectors, which will start in 2015. 

You can find more details in the document LIGO-M1300324.

You can also find details in the web page: We will update this web page with more news on the meeting and the process as they become available, please bookmark it and consult periodically if you are interested.

You can submit a Letter of Interest before 26 July 2013 (or email with any questions) to . We expect those of you who will submit a Letter of Interest to attend one of the meetings that will be held in Amsterdam (29/30 August) or Chicago (10/11 September); details on these meetings will be posted on the website.

We look forward to your participation in a new exciting era of gravitational wave astronomy!

— Gabriela Gonzalez (Spokesperson, LIGO Scientific Collaboration) and Jean-Yves Vinet (Virgo Collaboration)

Gabriela González
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
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