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NSO Observing Proposal Deadline 15 November: Service Mode Information

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 14:17

The current deadline for submitting observing proposals to the National Solar Observatory is 15 November 2012 for the first quarter of 2013. Information is available from the NSO Telescope Allocation Committee at P.O. Box 62, Sunspot, NM 88349 for Sacramento Peak facilities ( or P.O. Box 26732, Tucson, AZ 85726 for Kitt Peak facilities (  Instructions may be found at  A web-based observing-request form is at  Users' Manuals are available at for the SP facilities and for the KP facilities.  An observing-run evaluation form can be obtained at

Please note that the NSO will conduct a scheduling experiment at the DST/Sacramento Peak in preparation for ATST scheduling and operations. This experiment in service mode scheduling will take place in the first half of the quarter, leaving only the second half of the quarter available for regular scheduling.  For further information on proposing for the experiment, contact  The deadline for regular proposals will still be 15 November.

Proposers are reminded that each quarter is typically oversubscribed, and it is to the proposer's advantage to provide all information requested to the greatest possible extent no later than the official deadline.  Observing time at National Observatories is provided as support to the astronomical community by the National Science Foundation.

Crystal M. Tinch
Communications Manager
American Astronomical Society (AAS)