5 April 2024

Opportunities for Large Binocular Telescope Access

Joseph Shields Large Binocular Telescope Observatory

Large Binocular Telescope ObservatoryThe Large Binocular Telescope is one of the most advanced optical-NIR telescopes available today. Its innovative concept is based on two 8.4m-diameter mirrors on a common mount, with an edge-to-edge baseline of 22.8 meters that enables interferometric observations with high spatial resolution and sensitivity, and with adaptive secondary mirrors for AO-fed observations. The telescope is located at one of the highest observatory sites in North America and is equipped with a versatile suite of classical and AO optical/IR instruments.

The Observatory is owned and funded by the Large Binocular Telescope Corporation (LBTC), with observing access currently limited to its members. The LBTC seeks to broaden the composition of participating institutions that contribute to facility upgrades and the long-term financial sustainability of the Observatory. Full opportunity details are available on the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory website.