5 September 2023

Feedback Needed from Early Career Astronomers and Those Who Advise Them

Diane Frendak

Diane Frendak American Astronomical Society (AAS)

The AAS Early Career Engagement Task Force needs your help! We are interested in learning more about the experiences and needs of early career astronomers to inform how the AAS can better serve our early career community.

If you are an early career astronomer, please take our survey to tell us more about: (1) How you currently engage with AAS services, (2) What you think of some of the ideas our task force has generated in order to help AAS better serve you, and (3) Your own ideas.

If you are not an early career astronomer, there is a path through the survey for you too, and we would be very pleased to hear your ideas.

Please take the survey by Friday, 15 September. You're welcome to share the survey with friends in the field, colleagues, and students. Your input and effort are greatly appreciated.

Take the Survey

*Note: the most traditional definition of this term includes students (undergraduate, graduate) and those within 5-7 years of receiving a PhD, however we encourage you to self-identify as "early career" if you consider yourself such.