7 August 2023

Highlights from AAS Nova: 23 July – 5 August 2023

Kerry Hensley

Kerry Hensley American Astronomical Society (AAS)

AAS Nova provides brief highlights of recently published articles from the AAS journals, i.e., The Astronomical Journal (AJ), The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), ApJ Letters, ApJ Supplements, The Planetary Science Journal, and Research Notes of the AAS. The website's intent is to gain broader exposure for AAS authors and to provide astronomy researchers and enthusiasts with summaries of recent, interesting research across a wide range of astronomical fields.

Image of the Sun rising behind the Earth's horizon with the text "Discover what's new in the universe", the AAS Nova logo, and "aasnova.org" superposed.


The following are the AAS Nova highlights from the past two weeks; follow the links to read more, or visit AAS Nova for more posts.

4 August 2023
AAS Publishing News: An Interview with Data Editor Katie Merrell
Learn about engineer-turned-astronomer Katie Merrell's journey to becoming a data editor for the AAS journals, and read up on how the data editors help our authors organize and present their data.

2 August 2023
Studying Star Formation History: Smooth or Bursty?
Researchers have analyzed images and spectra of hundreds of galaxies to determine if star formation proceeds smoothly or in fits and starts.

1 August 2023
Juggling Black Holes in Star Clusters
Astrobites reports on a potential new formation channel for intermediate-mass black holes, which are an important stepping stone on the way to creating supermassive black holes.

31 July 2023
From the Center to the Surface: Do Changing Stellar Interiors Affect Stellar Activity?
New research dives into tiny gaps and dips on the H–R diagram to study the connection between stellar interiors and stellar activity.

28 July 2023
All Dust, No Ice: Comet 46P/Wirtanen
“Ice, Ice, Maybe?” Probably not, in the case of comet 46P/Wirtanen.

26 July 2023
Making Sense of the Many Metals in HD 222925’s Spectrum
We’ve measured more elements in HD 222925’s spectrum than we have for any other star except for the Sun. Could this star provide a new benchmark for our understanding of how heavy metals are created?

25 July 2023
Pizza Aurorae: Northern (and/or Southern) Lights on Io
Astrobites reports on how challenging ground-based observations can bring the aurorae of Jupiter's moon Io into view.

24 July 2023
Featured Image: Warped, Flared, and Ultra-Thin
An extremely flat galaxy, seen edge on, has a wealth of subtle imperfections that hold the clues to the galaxy's history.

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