28 June 2023

Register Today for "Mentors of Summer Research Students" Online Community

Tom Rice

Tom Rice American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Are you mentoring a student in a research experience this summer? Would you benefit from a supportive peer community of fellow mentors? This summer online community is for you!

Register today!

This summer, AAS is hosting a peer community by and for professional scientists who are mentoring students in a summer research experience, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level. This online community will include an asynchronous message board, regular live Zoom discussions, and interactive workshops on mentoring practices. Participation is open to practitioners across the physical sciences, with facilitation from AAS’s Education and Mentoring Specialist, Dr. Tom Rice. The community will be hosted on the Mentoring365 Circles online platform, with support from Mentoring365’s partners at AGU, NASA, and its other partner science organizations. Sign up here to directly join the discussion circle for mentors of research students.

You can also take part in the full range of Mentoring365’s activities, including one-on-one career mentoring as well as other discussion circles (e.g. "Science Policy 101" and "Using Multimedia for Science Communication"). Create your free Mentoring365 account by signing up here. If you already have a Mentoring365 account, you can find this Circle here.

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