22 March 2023

ALMA Cycle 10 Proposal Preparation Events

George Privon National Radio Astronomy Observatory

In advance of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Cycle 10 Call for Proposals deadline (10 May 2023), the North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC) and the Cycle 10 ALMA Ambassadors, have organized a series of ALMA proposal preparation workshops from 14 to 27 April 2023. The goal of these events is to provide users with the knowledge they need to carry out cutting-edge scientific research using the ALMA facilities. We are particularly interested in reaching new users, so no experience with radio astronomy is required to participate! 

These ALMA talks are hosted by experienced postdocs and graduate students as part of the ALMA Ambassadors program. Registration for these events is free. The workshops are designed to assist you in proposal preparation and observation planning for ALMA Cycle 10, and may include talks on the following topics:

  • ALMA Basics and Cycle 10 Capabilities
  • Radio Interferometry Basics
  • Cycle 10 Proposal Preparation and the Proposal Review Process
  • Introduction to the ALMA Observing Tool
  • ALMA Data Products, Archive Use, and Notes on the Pipeline Weblog
  • Common Astronomy Software Applications (CASA) Simulations
  • Science-Ready Data Products
  • Imaging with CASA

Information on the locations and dates for these workshops is available on the NAASC Community Events web page and in the table below.

Later in the year, the ALMA Ambassadors will run another series of community events focused on the processing and analysis of ALMA data. Those events will be announced in the future, so please stay tuned.

Ambassador Location Date
Dongjin Kim MIT Haystack 3-4 & 25 April
Arianna Long University of Texas, Austin 14 April
David Rebolledo Universidad Católica del Norte 14 April
Jiayi Sun Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics 18 April
Sinclaire Manning University Of Massachusetts, Amherst 19-20 April
Emily Moravec West Virginia University 20 April
Adam Dong University of British Columbia 20 April
Marion Villenave  IPAC/Caltech 25 April
Miguel Vioque Universidad Diego Portales 27 April