1 December 2022

December 2022 Issue of Physics Today Is Online & in the Mail

Hua Liu

Hua Liu American Astronomical Society (AAS)

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In the December 2022 Issue

December 2022 Physics Today cover

Sand and Mucus: A Toolbox for Animal Survival
Studying animals’ use and manipulation of complex fluids from materials-science and rheological points of view can help to understand animal behavior and provide new insights for mimicking biomaterials. — Peter Fischer

Fabricating Human Tissues: How Physics Can Help
By understanding and applying the physics of cellular self-assembly, scientists aim to predict tissue behaviors and accelerate the regeneration of human tissues and organs. — Ashkan Shafiee, Elham Ghadiri, and Robert Langer

Arthur Compton and the Mysteries of Light
For nearly 20 years, Einstein’s quantum theory of light was disputed on the basis that light was a wave. In 1922 Compton’s x-ray scattering experiment proved light’s dual nature. — Erik Henriksen

Physics Nobel Honors Foundational Quantum Entanglement Experiments
The laureates brought the conceptual features of quantum physics back to mainstream interest. — Heather M. Hill

Giant Telescopes Take Small but Significant Steps toward Realization
Can closer communication with Native Hawaiians turn the tide for the Thirty Meter Telescope? — Toni Feder

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