17 October 2022

Highlights from AAS Nova: 2-15 October 2022

Kerry Hensley

Kerry Hensley American Astronomical Society (AAS)

AAS Nova provides brief highlights of recently published articles from the AAS journals, i.e., The Astronomical Journal (AJ), The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), ApJ Letters, ApJ Supplements, The Planetary Science Journal, and Research Notes of the AAS. The website's intent is to gain broader exposure for AAS authors and to provide astronomy researchers and enthusiasts with summaries of recent, interesting research across a wide range of astronomical fields.

Image of the Sun rising behind the Earth's horizon with the text "Discover what's new in the universe", the AAS Nova logo, and "aasnova.org" superposed.


The following are the AAS Nova highlights from the past two weeks; follow the links to read more, or visit AAS Nova for more posts.

14 October 2022
New Life for Lunar Seismic Data
Fifty years ago, planetary scientists curated a trove of seismic data sent back from the Moon. Today, those data are getting another life in a new public archive.

12 October 2022
Searching for Intermediate-Mass Black Holes Through Simulations of Tidal Disruption Events
Could tidally disrupted white dwarfs help us find the elusive intermediate-mass black holes?

11 October 2022
The Bared Minimum: Revealing a New Phase of Stellar Activity in HD 166620
Astrobites reports on the detection of Maunder Minimum–like behavior in the stellar activity curve of HD 166620.

10 October 2022
Insights from Misaligned Black Hole Pairs
How many black holes formed from collapsing stars and how many formed from other black holes? Gravitational waves give us a way to find out.

7 October 2022
DPS 54: Days 3, 4, and 5
Learn about the hunt for biosignature gases, the state of diversity in STEM, and what we would gain from a visit to the Uranian moons in our summary of DPS days 3, 4, and 5!

5 October 2022
DPS 54: Days 1 and 2
Read about space-weathered asteroids, conditions on ancient Venus, and why photometry is more prescient than you might expect in our summary of DPS days 1 and 2!

4 October 2022
Highway to the Venus Zone
Astrobites reports on which exoplanets are most likely to end up as Venus analogs: hot, dry, and uninhabitable.

3 October 2022
DPS 54: Welcome!
This week we’ll be bringing you updates from the 54th DPS meeting, happening in London, Ontario, and virtually anywhere!

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