20 September 2022

NASA Astrophysics Mission Design School

Tom Rice

Tom Rice American Astronomical Society (AAS)

NASA Science Mission Design Schools are three-month-long career development experiences for doctoral students, recent PhDs, postdocs, and junior faculty who have a strong interest in science-driven robotic space exploration missions. Participants learn the process of developing a hypothesis-driven robotic space mission in a concurrent engineering environment while getting an in-depth, first-hand look at mission design, life cycle, costs, schedule, and the trade-offs inherent in each. 

The Science Mission Design Schools are designed to prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers for participation and leadership in space science missions of the future. Experiences are focused on three distinct content areas:

  • The Astrophysics Mission Design School (AMDS) focuses on astrophysics science missions.
  • The Planetary Science Summer School (PSSS) focuses on planetary science and exploration.
  • The Heliophysics Mission Design School (HMDS) focuses on missions to study the Sun and its influence on the rest of the solar system.

Applications for AMDS are due Wednesday, 28 September. A recording of the application information webinar held on 27 July is now available.

AMDS is run by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in partnership with Goddard Space Flight Center, and is based on the long-running NASA Planetary Science Summer School.

For more information about AMDS, you may download a clickable PDF flyer or visit the website.