7 April 2022

US Extremely Large Telescope Program Data Services Survey

Mark Dickinson NSF's NOIRLab

The US Extremely Large Telescope Program (US-ELTP) team at NSF’s NOIRLab invites you to answer a survey to assess your expectations and priorities for data services to support your future use of the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT), the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), and archived data from these observatories. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to answer.

US ELT Program Data Services Survey

The dramatic increases in sensitivity and angular resolution enabled by optical/infrared telescopes with apertures >20 meters will enable transformational discoveries in nearly all areas of astrophysics, from fundamental physics and cosmology to the search for evidence of life on planets around other stars. The US-ELTP is a joint endeavor of NOIRLab and the organizations building GMT and TMT. It will provide all US astronomers the opportunity to use this powerful, bi-hemispheric telescope system and to conduct research using archived data from GMT and TMT.

The success of these observatories, however, can only be as great as the support provided to their users. Now is the time to plan that user support infrastructure, including the archives, data reduction pipelines, and data analysis tools that will help you, as a potential future user of GMT and TMT, to successfully achieve your science goals.

With this survey we wish to assess your expectations and priorities for these post-observing data services. We will use your answers to align the design and development of the US-ELTP data management services with the needs of the research community and to set priorities in order to plan future work effectively.

The survey will be open for responses until 31 May 2022. Thank you for participating!