28 March 2022

Radio-Frequency Interference Funding Opportunity

B. Ashley Zauderer-VanderLey
National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has released a new funding solicitation, (22-579) Spectrum Innovation Initiative: National Radio Dynamic Zones (SII-NRDZ) (general information, solicitation page).

One opportunity in the solicitation invites researchers with expertise in scientific activities, instruments, or facilities that are impaired by radio-frequency interference or congestion to submit proposals for studies of up to $500,000 on how to use dynamic spectrum sharing to mitigate those problems. 

Proposals to this opportunity do not need to include development of technical spectrum sharing solutions. These awards are for analysis of sites and applications to identify opportunities, constraints, and requirements. Results of the studies will be used by NSF to help guide substantial future investment in implementing solutions and conducting extended field trials of spectrum sharing, so participation in this program may lead to enhanced spectrum access for the proposers’ scientific activity, instrument, or facility.

Interested proposers are encouraged to view the recorded briefing about the program. A live Q&A session will be held 5 April (registration required).

Proposals are due 20 June 2022.