18 March 2022

PoSTER 2022

Yuguang Chen University of California, Davis

Poster Symposium Targeting Early-career Researchers (PoSTER) is a poster-only conference covering a broad range of astrophysical topics. The targeted participants are early-career astronomers (i.e., graduate students and postdocs) around the world, but anyone who is interested in attending is welcome to register. PoSTER encourages virtual interaction through its poster sessions, and will stimulate networking among junior astronomers and provide a platform to advertise their works to the community.

Poster Symposium Targeting Early-career Researchers (PoSTER)
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PoSTER 2022 — Galaxy Evolution is a virtual conference on topics broadly related to galaxy formation and evolution. This conference will bring together experts in both theory and observations, to showcase the exciting science being done by junior astronomers.

Judges Needed
As a judge, we expect a commitment of about 90 minutes. You can participate in the session of your choice. During the event, you will be attending a flash-talk session where participants will be given two minutes each to advertise their posters. Then you will be virtually browsing the room in Gather.town to visit posters, and are encouraged to talk to the poster presenters. 

The dates and the exact time of the sessions will be determined after registration. We therefore would like you to confirm your intended participation and your time zone by Friday, 8 April. We will communicate with you the exact arrangements at the end of April 2022. Your participation will be valuable to young astronomers. 

Key Dates:

  • 15 April (24:00 UTC): Deadline to submit an abstract
  • 22 April 22 (24:00 UTC): Deadline for registration; announcement of accepted abstracts
  • 3-5 May: Conference

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PoSTER 2022 is partially funded by AAS, and tentatively by ASTRO 3D.