28 December 2021

Highlights from AAS Nova:12-25 December 2021

Kerry Hensley

Kerry Hensley American Astronomical Society (AAS)

AAS Nova provides brief highlights of recently published articles from the AAS journals, i.e., The Astronomical Journal (AJ), The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), ApJ Letters, ApJ Supplements, The Planetary Science Journal, and Research Notes of the AAS. The website's intent is to gain broader exposure for AAS authors and to provide astronomy researchers and enthusiasts with summaries of recent, interesting research across a wide range of astronomical fields.

Image of the Sun rising behind the Earth's horizon with the text "Discover what's new in the universe", the AAS Nova logo, and "aasnova.org" superposed.


The following are the AAS Nova highlights from the past two weeks; follow the links to read more, or visit the AAS Nova web page for more posts.

23 December 2021
Selections from 2021: Event Horizon Telescope Targets Seen by ALMA
A new survey aims to reveal the magnetic fields at the centers of galaxies, which can help us understand black hole accretion and the acceleration of relativistic jets.

22 December 2021
Selections from 2021: Precise Planetary Positions
Need to predict planetary transits, model solar system evolution, or chart a spacecraft trajectory? You’ll need to know precisely where the planets are.

21 December 2021
Selections from 2021: Discovery of the Milky Way’s First Feather
New maps of carbon monoxide gas in our galaxy reveal a long, skinny gas cloud akin to the “feathers” seen in other spiral galaxies.

20 December 2021
Selections from 2021: Surveying a Metal-Rich Asteroid
Just how metallic is asteroid 16 Psyche really? Observations from ALMA give us an estimate — and a few surprises.

17 December 2021
Dark Matter Mission Sees Cosmic Rays Ebb and Flow
The Dark Matter Particle Explorer observes a clash between cosmic rays and an explosion of solar plasma.

15 December 2021
A New X-Ray Imager Takes Flight
A joint mission from NASA and the Italian Space Agency will allow us to explore black holes, magnetars, and active galactic nuclei in an entirely new way.

14 December 2021
New Radio Source Towards the Center of Our Galaxy
Astrobites reports on a new, elusive radio source towards the center of our galaxy. Read on to find out what it might — or might not — be!

13 December 2021
Featured Image: When Stellar Winds Blow
Simulations show how dense and dusty molecular clouds are affected by the winds from newly formed stars.

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