29 December 2021

Call for Observing Proposals: SOFIA Cycle 10

Arielle Moullet NRAO

SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, the only aircraft-based facility offering access to the 4-600 ┬Ám wavelength range, has recently released calls for proposals for the Cycle 10 period. The deadline for submitting proposals is 28 January 2022 (9:00 pm PDT). Anyone in the astronomy scientific community is welcome to apply for time, and US-based proposers are also eligible for funding opportunities listed below.

A total of approximately 650 hours of observing time is offered, along with ~$7.5 million of funding for eligible proposers.

Cycle 10 features two calls for proposals: one Call for Regular Programs and a separate Call for the SOFIA Legacy Program.

Cycle 10 is expected to last from 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023. During the cycle, SOFIA plans to carry out three Southern deployments: a long deployment scheduled approximately June through September 2023 (GREAT and HAWC+), and two short deployments in November 2022 (FIFI-LS) and March 2023 (EXES).

Detailed information about the Cycle 10 calls can be found on the SOFIA web page. Note opportunities for joint proposals with the Infrared Telescope Facility and the Green Bank Observatory. More resources and guidance, including video tutorials about the typical pitfalls in observing time estimates, are available online.