13 September 2021

NOIRLab Seeks Members for New Data Science Advisory Group

Adam Bolton NSF's NOIRLab

NOIRLab announcement

NOIRLab invites nominations and expressions of interest for membership of a new NOIRLab Data Science Advisory Group (DSAG), to provide scientific, technical, and user-centered advice for the Lab’s data-intensive astronomy activities.

The DSAG will be convened by NOIRLab’s Community Science and Data Center (CSDC), and will be the primary advisory group for the data-intensive astronomy activities of the CSDC program. DSAG members will be encouraged to consider the broader context of data science across NOIRLab and astronomy as a whole, and to provide advice to the Lab about maximizing the community science opportunities of ground-based optical-infrared astronomy in the big-data era. To ensure alignment with other programs, NOIRLab will facilitate connections between the DSAG and advisory groups for Vera C. Rubin ObservatoryGemini Observatory, Mid-Scale Observatories (KPNO and CTIO), and the US Extremely Large Telescope Program.

The DSAG will receive a comprehensive overview of NOIRLab’s activities in scientific data systems, software, and computing. NOIRLab will solicit DSAG advice on specific annual and long-range priorities. The DSAG will also have the freedom to define its own areas of focus according to the priorities of the astronomical community.

NOIRLab anticipates convening one in-person and one virtual DSAG meeting each year, beginning with a short virtual kickoff meeting in late 2021.

NOIRLab aims for the DSAG to represent the diversity of the astronomical community in demographic, institutional, geographic, scientific, and career-stage dimensions. The size and membership of the group will be selected to address this goal. DSAG members will be encouraged to represent the interests of wider constituencies in astronomy in addition to providing their own perspectives.

Desired qualifications for DSAG member candidates are:

  • PhD in astronomy, physics, or a related field.
  • Past, present, and/or potential future use of NOIRLab’s facilities, including data archives and data services.
  • Interest in the software, computing, and data science aspects of optical-infrared astronomy.

Once convened, the DSAG may appoint additional members with expertise in software, computing, and data science from beyond the astronomy community.

Nominations and expressions of interest, as well as questions, can be sent to CSDC Director Adam Bolton with the subject line “NOIRLab DSAG” by Tuesday, 5 October 2021.

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