2 September 2021

NASA IRTF Call for Proposals for Semester 2022A

Miranda Hawarden-Ogata

NASA's 3-meter Infrared Telescope Facility

The due date for proposals to use NASA's 3-meter Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) on Maunakea for the 2022A semester (1 February 2022 to 31 July 2022) is Friday, 1 October 2021. See our online submission form, which is available for proposal submission from 12:00 am on 7 September until 5:00 pm on 1 October 2021 HST.

Available instruments include:

  1. SpeX, a 0.7–5.3 micron cross-dispersed medium-resolution spectrograph (up to R = 2,500) and imager;
  2. MORIS, a 512 x 512 pixel Andor CCD camera (60" x 60" field-of-view) mounted at the side-facing window of the SpeX cryostat that can be used simultaneously with SpeX;
  3. iSHELL, a 1.1–5.3 micron cross-dispersed echelle spectrograph (up to R = 75,000) and imager; and
  4. MIRSI/MOC, a 5–20 micron camera and grism spectrograph (available as shared risk).

Information on available facility and visitor instruments and performance can be found on the IRTF website.  

Exposure time calculators for SpeX and iSHELL are available on the respective instrument web pages. New Dual-Anonymous Peer Review instructions for the application form are required starting 2022A.

Call for Proposals Web Page